for fall xx

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As per our new terms of agreement, Barb gets to fluff up my clothes at least once a day


I have been wanting to revisit the Evil Prince Gumball universe for a long time, and I finally did! I don’t think that Gumball’s threats are going over well, but Marshall Lee seems cool about it. They have a weird relationship.

Prints will be on sale at Yaoicon! It’s … pretty much the only thing I have for sale.



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All I’ve done up here in Ft. Bragg is draw, hang out on the coast, and eat really good meals.



I’m really surprised at how much people trash on the Total Drama style and designs because it seriously has one of the most impressive ranges of female characters I’ve ever seen in any cartoon in my life.

Not a single one of these girls looks too much like another (aside from the identical twins).

The fact that they had fat girls in mid drift barring outfits too.

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I love how only one episode into Kuroko no Basuke, the one guy with the crazy eyes+hair color is supposed to be the one no one notices =_= 


Making prints!

One thing led to another and I ended up with a nice pair of volleyball shoes. Color choice was a no-brainer :D