So I’m trying out for the Tezuka award, held by Shonen Jump Weekly magazine. I’ve done a bit of reasearches while doing so, so I wanted to share them with you :) I hope you’ll find this interesting !


international manga contests
-list of all contests
-Morning Manga competition’s winners’ works
-Shonen Jump Weekly International Contest’s winners’ works
-Shonen Jump Weekly Editors’ comments about winning works

Being a mangaka’s assistant
-Jamie Lano’s blog and book
-mangaka assistants jobs

Shonen Jump contests & winners
-Application Guidelines
-Takehiko Inoue Tezuka 1st prize short story(you have to type “kaede purple” in the search bar)
-Eiichiro Oda Tezuka 2nd prize short story
-Hiroyuki Takei Tezuka 3rd prize short story
-Yoshihiro Togashi Tezuka 2nd prize short story
-Masashi Kishimoto Treasure 2nd prize short story
-All Treasure honorable mention works (japanese)


Neighbours by zazB


New sketches (which are actually a little old) for my very possible next comic book project in collaboration with Jonathan Garnier `v`/

More to come soon !


Just for fun, the little wolf dresses like the robot kid from my first comic book “Chemin Perdu" ! ` V `


sayuri and suzumi again! ♥ ♥ commission for joanna


for fall xx

(via kreugan)


As per our new terms of agreement, Barb gets to fluff up my clothes at least once a day


I have been wanting to revisit the Evil Prince Gumball universe for a long time, and I finally did! I don’t think that Gumball’s threats are going over well, but Marshall Lee seems cool about it. They have a weird relationship.

Prints will be on sale at Yaoicon! It’s … pretty much the only thing I have for sale.